New Track: Winter (3rd movement)

This is the start of the 3rd movement of my Winter quartet (the 2nd movement is actually the “Midnight” track from my album.) I want this last oakley sunglasses cheap movement to be as catchy and more intense than the 1st movement (which was used in The Maker). Curious what people think of it so far, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Winter (3rd movement) (Synthesised Version)


  1. Frankie King

    This is amazing. I really want to see the score for this!

  2. Liya MA

    Sounds wonderful, hope we can hear the recording of a true string quartet soon! I got the chance to play the 1st movement of the WINTER, hope I will also have the chance to play the whole piece.

    • I can email you the 2nd movement (which is Midnight) and this 3rd movement if you like?

  3. Amin ghafoori

    i love it its perfect

  4. Es una de las piezas mas hermosas que me ha gustado, tiene un estilo único. Me trae recuerdo del primer movimiento, como si fuera una hoja flotando en una ventisca, excelente trabajo, saludos desde México.

  5. Emanuel

    Just wow… I haven’t heard a song that good since Winter (1st Movement)

  6. Yngrid

    I really liked that track, but my truly love is winter (1st movement), maybe because I felt in love with “The Maker”. But this is a beautiful job!

  7. Oscar Obando

    It is beautifull

  8. Hunter Crawford

    This song is amazing and I can’t stop listening to this! This is perfect for my quartet to play.

  9. Andrew Burden

    This is absolutely amazing. Truly perfect.

  10. Erin

    Oh, it’s so beautiful! Do you ever play them yourself? I love all your music!

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