Paul Halley is one of Australia’s most popular and innovative composers of classical music, blending elements of traditional classical styles with a distinctive modern edge. With his beautifully melodic and intensely dramatic music he's considered a composer of highly likeable contemporary classical music (More ››)


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Paul Halley's Music
Paul Halley's Music



Buy The Halley Quartet II

Buy Paul Halley’s second and highly anticipated album featuring the tracks Angel, A Spring Moment,Song of Love, The Storm, Summer Night, and The Fury.

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Buy The Halley Quartet

Buy Paul Halley’s first CD featuring the tracks Angel, The Hand of Fate,Midnight, Cello Fantasia, Autumn, Adagio in F and the  award winning Winter.

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Free Scores

Paul Halley is now giving away his scores… for FREE! Scores include all his tracks from his first CD ‘The Halley Quartet’ including Angel, The Hand of Fate,Midnight, Cello Fantasia, Autumn, Adagio in F and the ever popular Winter. In order to get a score, simply send Paul an email with your request below. Your...

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New Track: Winter (3rd movement)

This is the start of the 3rd movement of my Winter quartet (the 2nd movement is actually the “Midnight” track from my album.) I want this last oakley sunglasses cheap movement to be as catchy and more intense than the 1st movement (which was used in The Maker). Curious what people think of it so far, please leave...

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